minikura makes storage available for everyone, accessible from anywhere by the box with parcel delivery.
Monthly storage fees start from 320 yen per box. Items can be easily managed online and retrieved from storage anytime you need.

The origin of minikura

Around 2011, when self-storage services were expanding, the minikura project was launched. While self-storage was helpful – especially for large items – users often faced problems such as forgetting what they had stored or the fact that they had actually stored something. To solve this, an idea of “box storage with parcel delivery” was born. This was achieved by breaking the taboo on opening boxes clients stored with us in order to reveal the items inside. This allowed us to photograph the items so clients could view and manage them conveniently*.
Also, stored items could be placed onYahoo! JAPAN Auction directly from the storage – or even sent to the dry cleaners. The minikura service has been evolving with the trends of time, and maintains state of the art status.

* There is also a service without opening the box.


Manage your account and items online

Sign-up, item management and other services are available online. Each stored item is photographed and uploaded to your personal online portal page, so there is no need to worry about the stored items. Monthly fees as low as 320 yen per box.

Fully air-conditioned storage with a security system

With the minikura service, we control the ideal temperature and humidity 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to maintain the ideal storage environment. We have also implemented a high-level security system to store our clients’ valuable items.