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Privacy Policy

As a company providing amenity spaces and storage environments, and undertaking those outsourced processes, Warehouse TERRADA (hereinafter, referred to as “we”) handles personal information of customers (including business partners) and employees to operate and continue business. Recognizing that “properly handling personal information on customers and employees” is our important social responsibility, we have set up our privacy policy. We inform all employees to ensure that they observe it strictly so that we properly handle personal information. Specific personal information (the personal information containing an individual number) is also subjected to this privacy policy.

  1. 1. Our main businesses and affairs
    • ・Real estate business
    • ・Preserving/safekeeping business and related business
    • ・Employment/labor/human resource management affairs
    • ・Accounting affairs
  2. 2. We properly obtain, use, and provide personal information. When obtaining and using personal information, we shall specify its use purposes and shall not handle personal information beyond the scope necessary for achieving the specified use purposes (unintended use). We take proper control measures for the prevention of unintended use.
  3. 3. By taking necessary and proper security control measures, we endeavor to prevent or remedy unauthorized access to personal information, thefts and loss by improperly taking out, destruction, falsification, leakage, loss or damage, violation of related laws, collapse of economic trust, and influence on an individual concerned.
  4. 4. We observe laws related to personal information, related guidelines established by the government, and other related rules (including the Act on the Use of Numbers to Identify a Specific Individual in the Administrative Procedure and the Guideline for Properly Handling Specific Personal Information) and keep these documents up-to-date.
  5. 5. We respond promptly and properly to complaints and inquiries on personal information or specific personal information.
  6. 6. We establish a privacy management system to take operation, inspection, correction, and prevention measures for continuous improvement.

Date of Enactment: September 27, 2005
Date of Last Revision: June 1, 2016
CEO Yoshihisa Nakano

For inquiries on the privacy policy, contact:
Chief Privacy Officer/General Manager of Human Resources Group, Warehouse TERRADA
Tel: +81(0)3 5479 1608 / Email: privacy_policy@terrada.co.jp