Warehouse TERRADA to Launch TERRADA ART STORAGE ONLINE: An Online Artwork Storage Service for Individual Two dimensional Artworks for 500 Yen

Warehouse TERRADA will begin offering TERRADA ART STORAGE ONLINE, which is an individual artwork storage service specializing in storing two dimensional artworks, starting in February 2021.

As a culture of purchasing and enjoying artworks grows rapidly, a major issue facing the domestic art market is the provision of optimal storage environments and anti-deterioration measures necessary for preserving artworks. In order to tackle this issue, TERRADA ART STORAGE ONLINE acts as a one-stop provider of storage and artwork-related services that art fans and collectors can easily, conveniently, and reasonably access. This service allows customers to store artworks by the piece, rather than through rented rooms, at a monthly rate of 500 yen (plus tax) per piece, and also offers free courier service by parcel delivery* of small artworks. Furthermore, Warehouse TERRADA has accumulated expertise over many years to preserve the artworks at optimal and thoroughly managed temperatures and humidities, etc., we will strive to create a space where customers can safely store their precious artworks, and will also assist with anti-deterioration measures. As the stored artworks will be documented individually and registered on each client’s personal web page, they can check the condition of their artworks at any time, and the online service also functions as a database in addition to letting customers take out and view their stored artworks. Under the standard plan, we offer customers condition inspection of the artworks at the time of storage, previously only offered as an optional service, and will work with customers to help delicately preserve the value of their artworks for future generations. Customers can also enjoy optional services to restore, transport, and insure their artworks.
(*the artwork must be less than 90 cm long, total 3-sides size of 160 cm or less, and a weight of less than 10 kg at the time of packaging)

Through our operation of art and culture dissemination facilities such as the contemporary art collectors’ museum WHAT, art cafe WHAT CAFE, art materials lab PIGMENT TOKYO, and the TERRADA ART COMPLEX, Japan’s largest gallery complex, we are working to turn Tennoz into a major center for the arts. As the company works towards the advancement of art and culture, we will continue to offer services to support the vitalization of the art market.


*Customers can use COD delivery services (paid by Warehouse TERRADA) provided by Yamato Transport, limited to SS size products at the time of storage

[Warehouse TERRADA's Artwork Storage Service]

Warehouse TERRADA’s artworks storage service offers a comprehensive storage environment equipped with amenities such as temperature and humidity management suitable for preserving artworks (temperature: 20℃, humidity: 50%), security management systems, earthquake-proof construction and fire extinguishing equipment. We also offer a wide array of optional services, such as viewing rooms that can be utilized to inspect artworks or to conduct businesses, artwork inspections by staff members specializing in artwork restoration, artwork restoration services, and fumigation at facilities fully equipped with the equivalent level of equipment used at national and public museums. Our goal is not simply to preserve the artworks themselves, but also the values they represent, such as artistry, rarity, and the passions of their creators, and assist in passing them to future generations. Clients can choose from a variety of storage services to find one that suit their needs, quantity and use of their artworks, such as: TERRADA ART STORAGE as standard, TERRADA ART STORAGE PREMIUM, a storage service with a first class environment located in Tennoz, manned by a receptionist, expert art handlers. TERRADA ART STORAGE ONLINE, which offers online art storage management starting from single pieces; and the GALLERY DEPOT exclusive to galleries. Customers can also employ the services of our group company, TERRADA ART ASSIST, which operates as a one-stop service provider, offering various solutions for issues pertaining to artworks, work transportation, displays as well as relevant packaging and insurance.

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