PETALS TOKYO is a floating hotel on Tennoz canal, consisting of four multicolor boats.
Come and have an exclusive experience at a place where Tokyo metropolis connects to the world and beyond.

FEATURE Floating hotel with art, consisting of four small boats on the Tokyo canal

Tennoz Tokyo, a warehouse district that morphed into an art city. From here emerges PETALS TOKYO, a floating boat hotel.
The complex consists of four multicolored hotel boats anchored beside T-LOTUS M, an event venue on the Tennoz Canal. The name PETALS TOKYO is inspired by the imagery of lotus petals floating on the water.
Like the houseboats in Amsterdam, which was developed as a city of canals, each of the four boats has been meticulously handcrafted with its own individual design concept. The interiors are all unique and boast a premium feel. Located at a junction between the river and the sea, this canal connects Tokyo, one of the largest cities in Asia, to the world beyond the sea. A small distant from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis, there is no place like this where you can feel the natural waterfront atmosphere. Leave the daily life behind and liberate your five senses with your stay.


PETAL 1 - Modern & Stylish

A room with a bed at the center of the room and characterized by a unique shower that has an airy feel to it. This PETAL is docked at the end of the pier, so you can immerse yourself in the ever-changing view from check-in in early evening, through to night to midday.

Capacity: two
Size: 43㎡

PETAL 2 - Elegant & Luxury

The most spacious room in PETALS TOKYO with tranquil palette choices and design decor for a truly luxurious experience. Portholes on the walls create the atmosphere of a private cabin on a cruise ship.

Capacity: two
Size: 45㎡

PETAL 3 - Charm & Cozy

This room features a large panoramic window and a rooftop terrace. The bedroom and dining area are divided. Enjoy your meals while viewing the canal from the rooftop terrace.

Capacity: two
Size: 40㎡

PETAL 4 - Light & Classy

One of this room's key features is its iconic bed, with a bright red headboard. Located at a distance from the other rooms, PETAL 4 offers more privacy and is perfectly suited for a gathering with friends.

Capacity: two
Size: 43㎡


Our guiding concepts are "ecological & organic." We refrain from using plastic items, and we provide beverages in glass bottles, paper containers and wooden amenities. PETALS TOKYO is an ecologically-aware hotel on Tennoz canal, beautifully transformed thanks to public and private sector initiatives.


If you would like to go to a nearby restaurant for dinner, we would be happy to help arrange. Breakfast can be enjoyed on-site with the open atmosphere along the canal or in your room.





T-LOTUS 2-1 Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo


7 minute walk from Tokyo Waterfront Area Rapid Transit Rinkai Line “Tennoz Isle Station” B Exit
8 minute walk from Tokyo Monorail Haneda Airport Line “Tennoz Isle Station” Central Exit