Warehouse TERRADA to Open Collectors’ Museum of Contemporary Art

- Inception of a new facility to promote art and culture with a total area of 1600 ㎡ in Tennoz, Tokyo -

Warehouse TERRADA will open a collectors' museum of contemporary art in Tennoz, as part of our business to expand art and culture.

Mainly focusing on art storage, we have been developing a wide range of art related businesses including artwork restoration, transportation, exhibitions as well as organizing art facilities and supporting young artists. Also, in recent years, we have been committed in the development of the area of Tennoz, our home and launched museums, an art materials lab, a conservation laboratory as well as gallery complexes to make Tennoz as a premier city of art.

In our art storage facility, we have been storing collectors’ art collection for many years. Aiming to unveil their precious art properties and spotlighting the value and allure of each artwork, the new collectors’ museum will be launched by the end of the year. In addition to the exhibition space for artworks recognized in the contemporary art scene, there will also be a museum shop and an art gallery cafe where visitors can enjoy a meal while viewing and purchasing artworks by up and coming artists.
As our facility / business project have been focused on promoting knowledge and invigorating local cultural tourism, we were selected as the first company from the private sector by the Cultural Affairs and Japan Tourism Agency which embraces the importance of cultural assets and local vitalization.
As a company promoting art and culture, we will continue to provide services contributing to the vitalization of the art market.
The details of the facility will be announced at a later date.

[Overview of the promotion act for cultural tourism and the cultural cluster project focused on museums]

The legislation is led by the Agency for Cultural Affairs and the Japan Tourism Agency, based on the promotion act for cultural tourism; the law for the cultural tourism promotion in the region focused on a cultural tourism facility. The government will support projects or businesses accredited by the promotion act that have pursued the guidelines of the act which were to refurbish the museums’ collection, facilitate wi-fi and contactless payment systems, form a support structure for curators and staffing, improve accessibility features and overhaul the exhibits. Furthermore, it is intended to generate a valuable cycle for regional vitalization by promoting cultural tourism with cultural development as the starting block.

Name of the project: TERRADA ART MUSEUM (provisional name), the facility to create and promote Tennoz Art City.
Facility project provider: Warehouse TERRADA
Co-applicants: Tennoz Canal Side Revitalization, XPERISUS Inc., and MATCHA Inc.


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