Warehouse TERRADA Launches TERRADA ART STORAGE, Online Service to manage artworks item by item

- Clients' valuable artwork can be stored and managed from 7,000 yen/month (per item) -

Warehouse TERRADA launched TERRADA ART STORAGE, a service to manage artwork item by item online.

TERRADA ART STORAGE offers rental storage space for artwork and an online artwork management system from 7,000 yen/month (plus tax). 

When artworks are delivered to us, specialized staff will suggest the most appropriate storage plan depending on the size and number of items. Then the artworks are documented, photographed and uploaded to the clients’ database for viewing. The artworks are managed and stored in the optimal storage environment with the utmost care, by fully utilizing the storage expertise of Warehouse TERRADA.

The clients can confirm the status of their artworks (for example; preparation for storage, restoration, fumigation) whenever they require, and order optional services including delivery preparation, viewing, transportation, examination, restoration, fumigation. These services are operated by our group company, TERRADA ART ASSIST Co., Ltd.

Warehouse TERRADA has been providing various services to store clients’ items online. Such as “minikura”; a cloud storage service that enable clients to send their items in a box and manage each item in the box online, or TERRADA WINE STORAGE which stores clients’ wine starting from a single bottle. As for artwork storage, we have been offering a beta version, in response to demands from clients, and the service launch was officially announced today. 

Please see the following details for TERRADA ART STORAGE.


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– Features:
Artworks management online with ease
When artworks are sent to us, our art specialists will suggest the optimal storage plan, depending on the size and number of items. They then prepare the database for each artwork to the clients’ database page. The clients can check each status (for example; preparation for storage, storing, restoring, fumigating) whenever they require.

Optimal environment cultivated over the years
Fully utilizing the storage techniques, which Warehouse TERRADA has been developing for fragile items such as wines and media as well as artworks, we offer a comprehensive storage environment with the perfect temperature and humidity, security, aseismatic and fireproof structure.

Optional service for safety and transparency
Our specialized staff can visit a clients’ place to take delivery of their artworks and transport them to our storage facility. Also, examining the condition and restoration of the artworks by our professional conservators, fumigation in the facility is equivalent with that of the National museums, and other various optional services related to artwork storage are provided.

TERRADA ART STORAGE price structure (price: net)
1) Database preparation 1,500 yen / item
The database of each artwork that is required for online management is created. It is made available to view on the clients’ own page. This process includes unpacking, examining, measuring, photographing and registration of the artwork.

2) Monthly storage
SSS (basic plan) : 7,000 yen (1.65 sq.m : width 90cm / length 180cm / depth 100cm)
SS (SSS plus 50cm in depth): 10,000 yen (1.65 sq.m: width 90cm / length 180cm / depth 150cm
S (SS plus 150cm in depth): 15,000 yen (1.65 sq.m: width 90cm / length 180cm / depth 300cm
M (S plus 180cm in length): 30,000 yen (3.3 sq.m: width 90cm / length 360 cm / depth 300 cm
L (M plus 90 cm in length): 60,000 yen (6.6 sq.m: width 180cm / length 360 cm / depth 300 cm

3) Optional service
Operation for delivery: Artworks can be taken out to go (operation charge 1,000 yen / item)
Viewing: Artworks can be examined. (operation charge 1,000 yen / item, and charge for the viewing room : 3,000 yen / hour)
Transportation: Artworks can be delivered to a location of choice by the client. (price: quote on request)
Assessing: Our conservation staff will inspect the artworks meticulously and prepare a assessors’ report. (price: quote on request)
Conservation: Our conservation staff restore artworks. (price: quote on request)
Fumigation: Artworks can be fumigated to protect from mold and pest damage. (price: quote on request)

[About Warehouse TERRADA]

Since the foundation in 1950, Warehouse TERRADA have been cultivating better storage techniques and being proactive on capital investment in order to store and preserve items under the best environment. Expanding our business beyond the traditional warehousing, we are currently pursuing the preservation and restoration technique to raise the value of stored items so it can be passed onto the next generation. We are also developing a business to create a hub to output new culture by making full use of our knowledge as a professional in space creation.


Company Name: TERRADA ART ASSIST Co., Ltd.
Main Businesses: Art transportation, storage, installation, packing, restoration, insurance and more
Representative: CEO Yasuyuki Korekawa
Address: TERRADA ART COMPLEX, 1-33-10 Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan 140-0002
Established: April 2016


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