Warehouse TERRADA’s PIGMENT Receives “German Design Award 2018”

- Space created by architect Kengo Kuma receives international acclaim -

PIGMENT, the traditional art materials lab operated by Warehouse TERRADA was announced as a Winner in
the Excellent Communications Design Category (Interior Architecture) of the internationally renowned German
Design Award 2018.

PIGMENT is a comprehensive facility for creativity that includes aspects of a laboratory, workshop, museum
and retail store, with a lineup of high-quality, rare art materials including pigments in 4,500 hues, glues, and
brushes for calligraphy and painting.
Renowned Japanese architect Kengo Kuma designed the interior of the facility, and the space, featuring a
striking ceiling outlined by curving bamboo blinds and pigment shelves that cover an entire wall with gradations
of color was highly acclaimed, leading to the award.
Bolstered by this international acclaim, PIGMENT will continue to play the role of a hub for transmitting cultural
value by handing down traditions in art materials and painting techniques.

[About the German Design Award]
An international design award given by the German Design Council since 2012. In 2018, it comprised three categories: Excellent Product Design, Excellent Communications Design and Universal Design. Participation requires a recommendation from the German Design Council.
The awards are categorized into the “Gold” award given to the best of each category, the “Winner” title awarded to especially accomplished works, and “Special Mention” awarded to accomplished works.

PIGMENT is an art materials research lab connecting artistic expression both with tradition and the future, and
develops the ingredients for that expression – colorants and adhesive vehicles for mixing paints, calligraphy
brushes and paintbrushes – in a unique creativity center fusing an art academy and a museum with an art
materials store. With pigments in 4500 hues, 200 varieties of aged ink sticks, 50 different vehicles for paint
blending, it offers materials of rare and surpassing quality created with techniques from all times and places.
Also, PIGMENT is taking unique approaches to research, educate and popularize “art materials,” their “usage,”
and furthermore “expression” produced by this harmony.

About Warehouse TERRADA

Company Name: Warehouse TERRADA
Representative: President & CEO, Kohei Terada
Address: 2-6-10 Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0002, Japan
Foundation: October 1950
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