Hiroya Tanaka, Supported by Warehouse TERRADA, Has Been Awarded the ACADEMIA PRIZE for International Category in 2017

Hiroya Tanaka, an architect, doctor of architectural engineering, and the world’s leading expert in Gaudí research, and who is supported by Warehouse TERRADA, has been awarded the ACADEMIA PRIZE for the International Category in 2017 (hosted by the Academic Society of Japan).

In order to contribute to the development of architectural culture and to pass it on to future generations, we are operating ARCHI-DEPOT Museum ( and ARCHI-DEPOT STOCK ( which stores and exhibit architectural models in the cloud. As a part of our programs to support the activities by excellent architects and architectural researchers and promote architectural culture, we are supporting Hiroya Tanaka, the world’s leading expert on Gaudí research.
Please refer to the following for the details of this award.

[Overview of ACADEMIA PRIZE Ceremony]

Organizer: The Academic Society of Japan (
Date and Time: February 9th (Fri.) 10:00 AM – 12:30 PM
Venue: Yomei-den, New Miyako Hotel Kyoto
The ACADEMIA PRIZE was established by the Academic Society of Japan 69 years ago in 1949, and has been awarded to the persons who contributed remarkably to cultural, social, and international exchange fields in Japan and the world. Also the society hopes that each prize winner will embody the spirit of ACADEMIA, and refines and devotes to the research and work in each area to become a pillar of the prosperity of Japan and the world.

[Hiroya Tanaka Biography]

Born in Hokkaido in 1952, he is a Gaudí researcher, an architect, an actual measurement specialist, and a doctor of architectural engineering. After graduating from university and working for an architecture firm, he moved to Barcelona and started the measurement of architectural works by Gaudí on his own initiative.
Since then he has been producing the actual measurement drawings of his major works until today. Also, he has introduced and exhibited his drawings and publications in various countries such as the Hiroya Tanaka Drawing Exhibition (2015) hosted by the Association of Architects and Engineers in Barcelona. His achievements have been highly acclaimed in Spain, and he was honored with a Barcelona Japan Consul General Public Official Award (2015) and the Gaudí GRESOL Award (2016).

[Background for the award in the International Category (quoted from the ACADEMIA PRIZE website)]

Gaudí ‘s works such as Sagrada Família, Casa Milà, Casa Batlló, and Parc Güell are registered in the World Heritage list. They are full of creativity and mystique, and have been fascinating many people for more than a century. They also have been veiled in mystery, and few architectural drawings of them have been preserved.
Hiroya Tanaka has been examining Gaudí‘s buildings, making architectural drawings of his works for decades, and by now he has completed the architectural drawings of 10 Gaudí’s major works. His actual measurement and drawing is his great achievement for understanding the message and concept that Gaudí has infused to his works including design, structure and mythology of the Gaudi architecture, as well as interpreting their characteristics and regional identity Furthermore, he is recognized as the world’s leading expert on Gaudí research and the only Gaudí researcher who owns architectural drawings of Gaudí. For all these reasons, his outstanding achievement, great personality and deep insight were found to be deserving of the ACADEMIA PRIZE in the International Category.

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