Maximum security service always available


Since 1950, Warehouse TERRADA has cultivated a reputation for reliability in one of the safest, most high-tech places on Earth: Tokyo, Japan. Security–ten layers, including video surveillance, 24-hour guard, and biometric access. Disaster protection–the world's finest seismic architecture & fireproofing, backed by comprehensive insurance. Climate control–cutting edge and constantly monitored. Privacy–we devote one room to each client.


The service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. At the edge of Tokyo Bay on the beautiful Tennoz Isle, TERRADA's location makes for an easy visit from all over the world. From Haneda Airport–a 10-minute train away; by Shinkansen–stops minutes away at Shinagawa Stn; by car–on-site parking. Open everyday 9:30 AM - 6:00 PM. Zip in & out quickly, or take time to enjoy art galleries, art materials oasis PIGMENT, or the fabulous restaurants on Tennoz. Also, our concierge helps you resolve questions.




Biometric Identification

Vault Door (biometric authentication)

Entrance (key deposit)

Entrance (key deposit)

Three Layer Authentication

Three Layer Authentication
(physical key, fingerprint authentication, and PIN code)


Address 2-6-10 Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Available Hours 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (reservation required).
* Advance reservation during the front entrance opening hours (10:00 AM - 6:00 PM) is required.
Contact +81(0)3 5439 5917
Access 13 minutes from "Haneda Airport" by taxi
7 minutes from "Shinagawa Station" by taxi
Parking Available


Q.What size of vault do you have?
Our vault size is 34 cm (length) x 37 cm (width) x 32 cm (height).
We are also offering a locker type as a larger size.
Please contact us for details.
Q.Where is the location of PREMIUM SAFE BOX
It is located in Tennoz, Shinagawa. Please refer to LOCATION LIST for details.
Q.When I deposit or collect my items, does anyone else enter the room?
No. To protect our customers' privacy, only one person or one party is allowed to enter the room at the same time. Advance reservation is required.
Q.How can I use the service before and after front entrance opening hours?
Advance reservation during the front entrance opening hours is required. We will provide you with application and access information before and after the front entrance opening hours, when you register the service.
Q.What do I need to complete a contract?

For customers requesting a personal contract, please have the following two items on hand:

- Personal identification (printed with the address that will appear on the contract);
- A valid credit card used for the payment
* As proof of identification, a driver's license or a health insurance card (printed with the address that will appear on the contract) is recommended. In case a passport is used as identification, a receipt of utility bill (issued within the past three months) or a copy of a resident card is also required.

For customers requesting a corporate contract, please have the following four items on hand:

- A certificate of full registry records (issued within the past three months)
- A certificate of seal registration (issued within the past three months)
- A registered seal
- A valid credit card used for the payment
Q.How are payments made?
Only credit card payment is available.
Q.How long are your contracts?
Contracts and cancellations are on a monthly basis. Pro-rated terms are not available. For short-term use for up to three months, contact us in advance.
Q.Is insurance coverage provided?
While a certain amount of coverage, in line with the amount you pay in storage fees, is included, we recommend taking out a separate property insurance policy for high-value items. If you wish, we can assist with a policy in conjunction with our partner insurance firm.