Tennoz Isle, perched where the Tokyo canals flow out to the bay. Since ancient times, civilization has centered on waterways. Land and air routes have become primary, leaving our townscapes with beautiful waterways to soothe, refresh, and stimulate our communities—the perfect site for culture creation.

FEATURE We provide total area revival services, including everything from planning and design to operations


ACTUS is an interior shop behind SLOW HOUSE, a lifestyle store, and SØHOLM, a restaurant popular for their 'Gibier' cuisine featuring nordic style. Once a warehouse, the shop utilises its high ceiling and ample space to display large items such as furniture pieces. The wooden terrace outside the restaurant offers a beautiful view of the Tennoz Canals.

Amana Group

Amana Group is a visual communication company that offers Japan's largest inventory of stock content, as well as one-stop services that take advantage of their rich creative resources and advanced technology to provide everything from planning to production. Because their offices were originally designed for warehouse use, ceilings are four meters high, making the spaces ideal for photography studios and a variety of other creative uses. The highly flexible layouts, adaptable to individual ideas, are a major feature of renovated warehouse space.


STEINWAY & SONS is the word's finest piano manufacturer. Their Japanese subsidiary, STEINWAY & SONS Japan, Ltd., based in Tennoz, serves as their showroom, tuning booth and office. In May 2017, they opened the fist company-owned retail store in Japan, "STEINWAY & SONS TOKYO". Their expertise in storage services is evident in such features as extra large entrance, which allows for the easy transfer of pianos, and optimal indoor climate control in storage areas. The classic design of the entrance symbolizes the dignity of the brand.


Bond Street, which was named for the fact that it was once the site of numerous bonded warehouses, has since been transformed into a collection of stores, studios and ateliers that take advantage of benefits of warehouse space.
The street, which leads up to the Fureaibashi pedestrian bridge and features displays of art, now attracts all kinds of people throughout the year. In the spring, they enjoy the budding cherry trees and other flowers, and in the summer, the street becomes the main festival venue. In fall and winter, illumination displays bring more people.


The BOARDWALK was designed to allow visitors to stroll around the Tennozu district. The wood deck features a variety of herbs and other plants, and provides an ideal space for enjoying the seasons.
The BOARDWALK is a unique feature of Tennozu, bringing the water closer and enabling visitors to enjoy a more intimate relationship with the waterways that surround the area.


Designed around a bamboo motif, PIGMENT features a wall lined with 4,500 pigments. An art supply store offering more than 6,000 types of artists' materials, PIGMENT was originally the offices of an IT systems company. Renovations added a new entrance and a display window, designed to offer a wide-open view of the store interior from the street.


To provide even younger artists with the space to work on large-scale projects, BUCKLE KOBO, formerly part of an ironworks for machine parts, has been transformed into a hub for creating art. The owner himself is a craftsman, and using crowdfunding to attract people interested in the concept, he opened the space in June of 2016 in the hopes of creating a studio where young craftspeople and artists could develop their skills.


Designed under the supervision of Kuma Kengo, the T-LOTUS M floats on the Tennoz Canals. Harmonizing with the surrounding scenery, something of an essence clad in white sails, T-LOTUS M elevates the beauty of the waterways. As though on the verge of sailing off over the rich seas just beyond where the canals meet the bay, T-LOTUS M symbolizes the futurefor Tennoz.


In line with our commitment to area revitalization, we unite with municipal governments, local businesses and neighborhood associations to offer events that feature the four seasons on the Tennoz Canals. With outdoor film festivals, live concerts hosted on shipdeck and much more, the line-up of unique events at Tennoz draws an air of excitement to the beautiful waterways.