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Warehouse TERRADA's Responsibilities and Contributions

Centered on the storage of wine, art and media, Warehouse TERRADA is underpinned by our philosophy of safekeeping not only the items themselves but also their value.
In order to always provide our customers with a better environment for preserving such value, we continuously conduct joint research in areas such as art preservation with the Tokyo University of the Arts Center of Innovation, artwork restoration with Yokohama College of Art and Design, and optimal environments for wine maturation with the University of Yamanashi Institute of Enology and Viticulture.

By extending the traditional concept of the warehouse business, we go beyond simply keeping objects secure and focus on preserving all types of value for posterity. In that vein, we established ARCHI-DEPOT Museum, an archive that doubles as a museum for models and materials used in Japanese architecture; PIGMENT art supply lab, preserving traditional art supplies handed down from past generations and supporting the artisans that make them; PIGMENT LAB WORKSHOP offering classes on the techniques for using these art supplies. Our "Asian Art Award supported by Warehouse TERRADA" helps young artists spread their wings globally. BUCKLE KÔBÔ, built in a revived ironworks facility on Keihinjima, provides an open access production workshop. Beyond that, we recently opened the multipurpose TERRADA ART COMPLEX. We work actively to attract and build up a true diversity of creative works to enrich the artistic and cultural presence of Tennoz.

As an official partner of Kabuki-za, the primary venue for live Kabuki today, and as an official sponsor of Kanze Noh Theater, we actively contribute to Japan's world-renowned traditional performing arts. We support the Tour de Tohoku, which assists in the recovery efforts following the Great East Japan Earthquake, and other international organizations such as NPO Kokkyo naki Kodomotachi (Children Without Borders), which provides aid to children in disaster-affected areas and developing countries. During fall of 2017, in appreciation of the societal contributions of the flower shop, LORANS., which provides employment support and job training for people with disabilities, we produced a grand “infiorata” (a painting made of flowers) along BOND Street in Tennoz.

Additionally, we organize many events for start-up business planning and provide ongoing support for new businesses. We also stay actively engaged in the vitalization the Tennoz Isle area, the landscaping and environmental beautification of the spaces around canals to make Tokyo proud of its beauty and its status as one of the world’s leading cities.

In these ways, we strive to secure a bright legacy for the coming generations through business development. As a company, we see the responsibility to contribute positively to our community and larger society as fundamental to our very being.