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The Japan Alps Art Festival 2017:

Enjoy art with pastel-colored landscape as its background


Omachi is the city located in the northeastern area of Nagano prefecture, surrounded by three natural clear lakes and the Japanese Northern Alps. The Japan Alps Art Festival 2017 gathers 36 artists and groups from Japan and abroad, who are showing their works in the areas including the Shinano-Omachi Station area, Takase Gorge as well as Nishina Three Lakes. The festival is led by the director Fram Kitagawa, who has directed other festivals such as Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale.

栗林隆ドローイングThe team of artist ”Mé” presents large-scale installation within an old house, to face the mountain landscape. Yusuke Asai’s mural painting, using mud as his medium, shows various large and small animals on the wall that is 38 meters in width and 6-9 meters in height. James Tapscott creates the ring of light on the arched bridge that is on approach to a temple; the ring shows different colors of light on each side, making visitors feel as if they are entering another world as they walk through it. Yasuaki Igarashi makes woven cord that extends vertically on jetty on the lake, which was inspired by the practice of mountain worship.

The theme for the festival is “Water, Wood, Soil, Sky.” In the region, various kinds of trees create complex pattern on the mountain surfaces, and melting snow became the rich water running the rivers. The landscape dominated by he pale green and blue is quite different from that of other areas in Japan. There, you can enjoy the cooler air as well as the dishes made with local specialty such as Omachi black pork and kokanee salmon. The art festival is the ideal destination for small summer trip.

(Text: Naoko Aono)

Japan Alps Art Festival2017 -Shinano-Omachi Food and Art corridor
Dates: June 4th (Sun) – July 30th (Sun)
Venue: Downtown area of Shinano-Omachi and other locations
Hours: 10:00-17:00 (Some venues may have different hours) Open everyday
Admission: Art Fest Passport 2,500 yen, (events and performances require additional admission fee)
Inquiry: tel. 0261-23-5500

Mé, sketch of the work

Takashi Kuribayashi, sketch of the work


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