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Daisuke Miyatsu, Art Collector, Professor at the Yokohama University of Art & Design: Interview

Becoming the World’s Leading Art Storage Service

Daisuke Miyatsu, Art Collector, Professor at the Yokohama University of Art & Design: Interview

VOICE is a collection of interviews with people with a special link to Warehouse TERRADA. This time, we spoke with Daisuke Miyatsu, Yokohama University of Art & Design Professor and Art Collector.

Miyatsu is an internationally known private collector. He began using Warehouse TERRADA after being hit by a major natural disaster. Sensing it would be risky to continue storing his artwork at home, he researched the facilities and specifications of every available storage company before deciding to store his collection with Warehouse TERRADA.

“I think I was one of the first collectors to entrust my artworks to a storage company. Being a private collector doesn’t mean I can do whatever I want with the pieces; I believe I have a responsibility to pass them down to future generations. I need to maintain them in the best possible condition, not only for myself, but for all art lovers.”

Among the more than 400 pieces he owns, Miyatsu stores the masterpieces and other particularly delicate works with Warehouse TERRADA. Entrusting these valuable artworks also means he has high expectations for Warehouse TERRADA as a partner.

“I’ve worked with TERRADA for a long time, and I highly trust them. They meet the basic specifications for art storage in terms of humidity and temperature control and provide an earthquake and fire-proof structure. In recent years, they’ve also focused on adding full-scale functionality and facilities same as the museum level, with a bonded warehouse, a viewing space, and even fumigation equipment. TERRADA is an important partner, so I hope to see them continue to maintain their status as a top player in the field.”

Being familiar with the international art scene, Miyatsu naturally views the future of art storage from a global perspective.

“In other countries, storage companies specializing in art have begun to focus on shipping and bonding services, and even restoration. As collectors continue to mature, simply maintaining the status quo could mean losing customers to storage companies outside of Japan. Through Helutrans-Terrada Co., Ltd. (presently TERRADA ART ASSIST Co., Ltd. ), their joint venture established with Helutrans – the largest art storage and shipping company in Singapore with locations throughout Asia – Warehouse TERRADA has built the infrastructure needed to provide one-stop services that encompass packing, display and storage. I think this will enable them to build an increasingly global customer base. Aiming to be a world leader will no doubt make Warehouse TERRADA number one in Japan, as well.”

Miyatsu goes on to point out that he feels the Japanese temperament, with its emphasis on dependability, is responsible for the high quality of Warehouse TERRADA’s services.

“Even as they develop their art-related business, I believe Warehouse TERRADA needs to remain true to their original objectives and maintain their essence. As with people, even great beauty is useless without that core quality. TERRADA has an approach that feels to me both very meticulous and yet somehow down-to-earth. The art world may, at a glance, appear glamorous, but in fact it is built on an accumulation of down-to-earth, low-key efforts. The source of the great trust I have in TERRADA lies in their firm belief in the storage services they provide.”

Daisuke Miyatsu
Art Collector, Professor at the Yokohama University of Art and Design
Has spent about 25 years collecting art. The works he collected over this time and his home which was built by him and the artists he’s worked with, are renowned both domestically and abroad. In 2011, a major exhibition of his collection was held at MOCA TAIPEI in Taiwan. He has several publications to his name, and has given numerous lectures.

Yayoi Kusama «Infinity Net» 1965 Oil on canvas
Copyright YAYOI KUSAMA Courtesy of Ota Fine Arts



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