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Bollinger R.D. 2004 arrives

Learn the true power of prestige


One of the champagnes most desired by fans of the drink is surely Bollinger R.D. It appears in the 007 films and is widely known as the champagne that emerges during flirtatious scenes with Bond girls. Bollinger R.D. 1969 is used in Moonraker, and its rich and bold flavor makes one recall Mr. Bond himself.

0807_2In April, Bollinger R.D. 2004 was released and quickly generated a buzz. This R.D. series has been a trailblazing style of champagne, ushering in the disgorging and releasing of old vintages in an era when such vintages were not yet a trend. It has also sported a highly innovative flavor, going extra brut by keeping the dosage (added sugar) as low as possible.

R.D. stands for “recently disgorged” and its flavor is as fresh as you can imagine. And since the wine has been aged over many years while in contact with the lees, it offers a sense of condensation and maturity. This makes R.D. a unique style of champagne that brings together the conflicting qualities of maturity and freshness.

This exquisite flavor was overseen by Madame Elisabeth Lily Bollinger (Madame Lily), the widow of the house’s fifth generation owner. The legend of her continuing to make champagne in a bomb shelter with her sole remaining assistant during World War II while German bombs exploded in the distance is told in the Champagne region to this day. Although she is no longer with us, she remains revered in Champagne, and R.D. is a masterpiece created through her foresight.

Understanding the unparalleled style of prestige cuvées is sure to stimulate the intellectual curiosity of grown-up champagne fans. It offers a splendid opportunity to encounter champagne’s multifaceted charms.

(Text: Kimiko Anzai)

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