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Asia Corridor Contemporary Art Exhibition

Witness the meeting of the arts from three nations


At Nijo Castle, designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, Asia Corridor Contemporary Art Exhibition will be held, providing a chance to see the matching of contemporary art and historic location.

xijing_3tThe exhibition is part of the project called Culture City of East Asia, which holds culture and art exhibitions each year in three cities in three nations of Japan, China and South Korea, to promote the cultural exchanges. This year, Kyoto was chosen as the Japan’s host city and up until the exhibition’s opening, various presentations including traditional performing arts have been held. Asia Corridor Contemporary Art Exhibition is the main event of the project, taking place from August through November. Along with Nijo Castle, Kyoto Art Center, which is renovated from an elementary school is also used as the venue.

The art critic and poet Akira Tatehata directs the exhibition, whose participating artists include Aiko Miyanaga and Ritsue Mishima, who are both from Kyoto, as well as Tsuyoshi Hisakado, Kodai Nakahara, Zon Ito, who all are based in Kyoto. Sadaharu Horio, who were a member of the Gutai Group, made work made in collaboration with On-Site Art Squad KUKI. Miwa Yanagi presents outdoor theater piece “Nichirin no tsubasa,” which takes place on the movable, load-carrying platform of a trailer. In addition, artists from South Korea includes Kimsooja, using traditional Korean fabric and needlework as motives, and Choi Jeonghwa, who’s known for the eye-catching colorful sculpture; and the artists from China include Cai Guo-Qiang and Yan Fudong. The event will be the platform for the three nations to communicate and stimulate each other’s culture.

(Text: Naoko Aono)

Asia Corridor Contemporary Art Exhibition
Dates: August 19th (Sat) – October 15th (Sun), 2017
Venues: Nijo Castle (541 Nijo-jo-cho, Horikawa-nishi-iru, Nijo-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto) and Kyoto Art Center (546-2 Yamabushiyama-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto)
Hours: Nijo Castle: 8:45-17:00 (Entrance closes at 16:00, Ninomaru Palace Kitchen and Southeast Corner Tower: 9:00-16:45, Castle may close irregularly.)
Kyoto Art Center: 10:00-20:00, both venues are open everyday
Admission fee: Each fee-charging area: 6-00 yen, free for high school students or anyone younger than that (additional ticket is required to enter the grounds of Nijo Castle) Entrance to Kyoto Art Center is free.
Inquiry:tel. 075-661-3755 (Kyoto Itsudemo Call)

Nijo Castle, Ninomaru Palace

Xijing Men “Chapter 4: I Love Xijing – The Daily Life of Xijing Presidents” (2009)



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