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A global first! Invitation to a Grand Tasting in Paris

The global power of Château Mercian


Lots of wine events are held in France from autumn to winter. One of these is the Grand Tasting, which has attracted great popularity for its illustrious status. Held in Paris in early December of each year, the Grand Tasting is organized by famous French wine critics Michel Bettane and Thierry Desseauve and regarded as “the event where you can taste the best wines.” This past year’s tasting was held on December 3 and 4 at the Carrousel du Louvre, an event hall near the Louvre museum. What is unique about this event is that it opens its doors to general wine enthusiasts. Just pay the entrance fee, and you are free to taste even the highest-class wines in the venue. This year about 370 wineries set up booths, most of which were famous French houses. Over 10,000 exhibitors and visitors also took part, making it a big celebration.

02.02_2The recipient of the first invite to this prestigious tasting event for a Japanese winery was Château Mercian. Most of the wineries that exhibit at the Grand Tasting are from France, Italy, or other European countries. It is highly unusual for a Japanese winery to be invited. The presence of Château Mercian can be considered proof of the winery’s excellent worldwide reputation, but we can also see it as a sign of just how much attention Japanese wine is receiving from international enthusiasts.

The Château Mercian booth offered five varieties: Château Mercian Kikyogahara Merlot 2013, Château Mercian Yamanashi Muscat Bailey A 2014, Château Mercian Koshu Kiiroka 2016, Château Mercian Koshu Gris de Gris 2015, and Château Mercian Yamanashi Koshu 2015. Wine lovers congregated near the booth throughout each day, with a long line forming for tastings at some points. Many visitors who tasted Japan’s indigenous varieties such as Koshu and Muscat Bailey A for the first time called them “delicious” and said they were surprised by the quality of the wines.

Anyone can take part in the event, so if you have a chance to visit France during this time, be sure to add it to your itinerary. Feeling the French passion for wine yourself and enjoying the premium flavors will surely lead to new discoveries of wine’s wonders.

(Text: Kimiko Anzai)

Contact: Château Mercian (Customer Service) Toll Free 0120-676-757


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