A new warehouse concept that adds value to the act of safekeeping.

Property storage services are the foundation of the warehouse business.
TERRADA takes a new approach to the warehouse, using cutting edge technology to safeguard a wide range of precious goods, while creating new value.


SAFE BOX Making safe-deposit boxes more accessible
Biometric authentication security ensures your valuables are well-protected.
Our safety-deposit boxes offer temporary storage while traveling or away on business, as well as long-term use while staying or living overseas.
Accessibility is another attractive part of the service, with facilities open even on the weekend.
Price Monthly fee starting from 10,000 yen~ (before tax).

Locker for Valuable Items

Locker for Valuable Items Suitable for storing a wide range of artworks, including sculptures and antiques.
Lockers keep your valuables safe with strict security, temperature and humidity control, and disaster countermeasures.
Price Monthly fee starting from 20,000 yen~ (before tax).


PRIVATE STOCKROOMStorage services offering full climate control and security with freedom of access.
These indoor rental storage spaces can be used just as you would your own room or closet. Sizes range from less than one square meter to more than eight square meters. They can be used to store not only household items, but office furnishings and equipment as well.
Price Monthly fee starting from 6,700 yen~ (before tax).

Instrument Storage

Studio GVIDO (Instrument Storage)Instrument storage units are fully equipped to safeguard your valuable instruments.
Strict security and properly controlled temperature and humidity in these dedicated storage facilities ensure your valuable instrument is protected from loss of historical and cultural value. The facility is also equipped with a rehearsal studio.
Price Monthly fee starting from 80,000 yen~ (before tax).

Storage of Household Goods

Storage of Household GoodsAssisting storage of household furniture while relocating, transferring and working oversea
We can handle storage not only one sofa or dresser but also full sets of furniture when moving overseas or during home remodeling.
Both short and long-term storage are available to fit your needs.
We can suggest the optimal storage solution depending on the size and quantity of items to be stored.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the fee or our handling facilities.



Q.Can you transport the items I wish to store?
Yes. Please include the number and approximate dimensions of the items when you fill out the contact form.
For large furniture and long-distance transport, we partner with a separate transport company and will be happy to connect you with them. Please contact us if you are interested.
Q.Is coverage provided in the event of an accident?
We are covered by fire insurance in the event of an accident due to our negligence involving items you have stored with us. The maximum insured amount varies by room type. Please contact us for more information.
Q.Do you provide hand carts?
Hand carts are available and are set aside for your use at each of our stores. Feel free to use them, but please return them to their designated location for the next customer.


Q.Is coverage provided in the event of an accident?
We have set an upper limit on the amount guaranteed in the event of an accident involving items you have stored with us. For SAFE BOX, that amount is 1,000,000 yen per room.


Q.What is your policy on contract length and cancellation?
Free usage is offered for the first contract month at the time of contract. If you wish to cancel your contract, please submit the required documents in advance. Payment of the full month's storage fee for the month of cancellation is required.
Q.Store location and directions
Please refer to the location list for details.
(Note) Phone inquiries may be made daily between 9:00 A.M. and 5:30 P.M. (closed on national holidays excluding Saturdays and Sundays, and the year-end and New Year holiday).