Taking advantage of the benefits of warehouse space

With high ceilings and few columns, this space takes advantage of its open, warehouse-style construction.
Rare in an urban setting, this spacious environment is available for art exhibits, major events, and even as a music studio.


This unique and spacious warehouse-like place provides opportunities to view works of art up-close, enriching lifestyles through personal connections with art.


A multi-function event space.
Feel free to express your ideas in this uniquely adaptable space.

Rehearsal Studio - Studio GVIDO

Studio GVIDO (Rehearsal Studio)
This music studio is adjacent to our instrument storage. In addition to a grand piano, harpsichord and drum set, the studio is fully equipped for performances.
This extravagant space can be adapted for use as a rehearsal studio, for recordings and for live performances.


OMBRE -tearoom-
OMBRE is a chashitsu-style tearoom combining traditional tatami seating and modern chairs.
In French, "ombre" means "shadow."
This mysteriously serene tearoom is tucked away in a secret space hidden in the shadows of a hallway in the warehouse.


Bare warehouse space available for events.
Equipped with a freight elevator, this space can accommodate exhibits of vehicles and large works of art.

Wine Lounge

Wine Lounge
In addition to storage, we offer services to enhance your experience, including concierges to remind you of upcoming special dates and lounge for you to share those joyful occasions with friends. Our cellars will add to a richer wine life in any situation, whether tasting alone or chatting with friends.


Designed under the supervision of Kuma Kengo, the white sailboat T-LOTUS M floats on theTennoz canal. Enveloped by the breezes off the waterways and the light glimmering off the water surface, it provides unique space for experiences that can only be enjoyed here. All are invited to make creative use of the T-LOTUS M for your unforgettable "voyage."