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Warehouse TERRADA's Responsibilities and Contributions

Our business centered on the storage of wine, art and media is underpinned by the philosophy of safekeeping not only the items themselves but also value. In order to always provide our customers with a better environment to preserve such value, we are continuously conducting joint research in areas such as artwork preservation with the Tokyo University of the Arts Center of Innovation, artwork restoration with Yokohama College of Art and Design, and optimal environments for wine maturation with the University of Yamanashi Institute of Enology and Viticulture.

By extending the traditional concept of the warehouse business, we are committed to preserving and succeeding all value without limiting our efforts to items themselves. One example is ARCHI-DEPOT, which archives models and materials used in Japanese architecture, in addition to serving as a museum. Another is the PIGMENT art supply lab for preserving traditional art supplies handed down from past generations, and supporting the artisans that make them. T-ART ACADEMY offers classes that teach the techniques for using these art supplies. We also run the T.Y. Talent program in search of Japanese talent in all areas.

Recently, we have also devoted our attention to areas such as T.Y. FARM focused on domestic production in an effort to reassess the value of culinary culture in Japan by growing safe produce without the use of pesticides. These efforts extend to the exploration of new businesses providing hypo-allergenic foods, including fully organic and gluten-free food.

We hope to develop new businesses that connect true value to the next generation in a variety of ways. We are pursuing this goal based on the belief that contributing to society, and fulfilling our corporate social responsibility, is a vital aspect of our growth as a company.

We are also actively engaged in contributing to Japan’s world-renowned traditional performing arts industry as an official partner of Kabuki-za, the primary venue for live kabuki today. We cooperate with the NPO Kokkyo naki Kodomotachi (Children Without Borders) to provide aid to children in disaster-affected areas and developing countries, and are engaged in the landscaping and beautification of area around canals to make Tokyo proud of its beauty as one of the world’s leading cities.