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World’s Museums and their Architecture

The Shiseido Art House / Yoshio Taniguchi


Visiting museum, you can enjoy not only the art but also its architecture. The column introduces unique museum architectures by renowned architects.

十四代 今泉今右衛門「色絵吹墨墨はじき雪文化粧具入揃」2016年Space with continuous and gentle sequencing

“The Shiseido Art House” is the debut-work by Yoshio Taniguchi, who is renowned as the master of museum architecture. The museum was built as the collaborative work with Shinsuke Takamiya in 1978; and it recently reopened after the 9-month renovation process of in-house facilities.

Taniguchi’s construction is characterized by the seamless sequencing of spaces: from very small space to a large, open space; from dim place to light-filled place. The change is not necessarily dramatic; it feels very gentle, similar to the feeling of seeing the sun for a long while as it rises in the morning and then sets in the evening. At the Shiseido Art House, the exhibition spaces are laid alongside the S-shaped wall for the visitors to move in circles. As the angles of the curve differs, the impression of the space and the way the light come into it changes constantly.

The first exhibition after the re-opening is “Craft for All of Us 2017.” It is the final edition of the exhibition series started in 2015 and presents new works by the 5 exhibition members including Koichi Uchida and Iwao Matsushima, as well as the works presented at the previous two exhibitions. The crafts such as pottery and lacquer works presented at the exhibition are the ones that people can take in hands and cherish in daily life. Those works polished and painted delicately by human hands will calm the minds of those who use them.

Taniguchi’s architecture is known for the delicate attention to every small detail. The passion and search for the meticulous beauty definitely echo those of exhibited craft pieces.

(Text: Naoko Aono)

The Shiseido Art House
Address: 751-1 Shimomata, Kakegawa, Shizuoka

“Craft for All of Us 2017”
Dates: now on view – September 24th (Sun)
Hours: 10:00-17:00, closed on Mondays
Admission: Free
Inquiry: tel. 0537-23-6122

The Shiseido Art House, exterior view

Imaizumi Imaemon XIV, “Enamel-glazed cosmetics container set decorated with ink-sprayed snowflakes” 2016


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