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The possibility of New Zealand wine

told by the wine maker of “Rippon”


New Zealand wines began to emerge in the international market from the late 1990’s to the 2000s, when Sauvignon Blanc made in Marlborough in the northern area of the South Island gained international recognition for their outstanding quality. Since then, the New Zealand wines kept improving; today, not only Sauvignon Blanc but other varieties such as Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are in the spotlight. Pinot Noir is especially renowned for its quality and New Zealand now holds “Pinot Noir Celebration,” an international conference where the experts and winemakers discuss the possibility of quality improvement and ways of aging.

DSC_6610_CIn such moment in New Zealand, one of the emerging and noteworthy winemakers is Rippon’s Nick Mills. The winery is located in Central Otago, the southernmost production region of Pinot Noir in the world, where they practice biodynamic grape growing. His mellow and elegant Pinot Noir receives critical acclaim and is considered ‘New Zealand’s DRC.”

Yet, as the country is considered a New World, where is still relatively new to the winemaking practices, there is limited information on aging and the possibility of aging is rather unknown at the moment. We asked Nick Mills about the aging of Pinot Noir in New Zealand and his answer was:

“the possibility of aging is indeed unknown, but we think it looks pretty good. It’s been only 20 years since the world recognized New Zealand wines. I recently conducted vertical tasting of our Pinot Noir and Riesling from 2012 vintage and the result was superb, exceeding my expectation. The grapevines are still young, but those young grapevines directly bring out character of the terroir. I am looking forward to seeing how they age.”

The possibility of aging of New Zealand wines is still unknown. And because it is unknown it is going to be a delight for wine lovers to age them and see how they improve.

*Vertical tasting: Taste and compare the different vintages of the same wine.

(Text: Kimiko Anzai)

Inquiry: LUC CORPORATION (“Rippon”) TEL03-3586-7501



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