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Malbec for meat dish

Enjoy the Argentine wine

Malbec for meat dish

For simple meat dish such as steak frites, wines made from Malbec grape is the most popular matches. The variety is largely grown in Argentina, which is labeled as the number one beef consumption country. People enjoy the wine quite casually with steak or grilled meat. Yet, Malbec isn’t quite popular in Japan. The reason lies in the assumption among wine lovers that Malbec produces strong fruitfulness and tannin, making the wine simply too powerful. But that actually could be a big misunderstanding.

Malbec is thought to be originally from the southwestern region in France; the variety was brought to Argentina in the middle of the 19th century before the Great French Wine Blight. Today, they are grown in wide regions such as the Province of Mendoza at the foot of Andes and are the most popular variety in Argentina. Malbec from southwestern France sometimes has surprisingly solid tannin, but Argentine Malbec, although powerful, has delicate note, making the its texture very silky. It is because the larger part of grape growing region located in the semi-arid climate area, where the temperature drops drastically in the evening. Also the land has red soil that is rich in iron and mineral making the wine to have the note of the iron; therefore, the Malbec growing in such terroir makes wine that matches well with iron-rich beef.

Also, for those who has interests in Argentine culture, Malbec could be a very romantic variety. Malbec was favorite of Eva Perón, known as Evita, and Astor Piazzolla, world renowned musician who mixed Argentine tango with jazz and classical music, is told to be a regular Malbec drinker. Malbec has nostalgic nuance, which matches well with the melancholic sound of bandoneon, which delivers delightful mariage of music and wine.
Malbec suggests quite different way to enjoy wine than those from France. Try the charm of the wine that is not yet quite popular.
(In the photograph: Trapiche, one of the top wine brands in Argentina based in Mendoza.)

(Text: Kimiko Anzai)

Inquiry: Mercian Customer Service (Trapiche)  TEL0120-676-757


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