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Evolving USA

The tide of “New California”

Lucy Goodhart

California wines have clear structure and are rich in fruitiness…that was the general impression people had for California wines. But this past 4, 5 years the evaluation for the wines is being renewed; as the wines praised as “New California” emerged, they are about to reshape the world’s understanding on California wine.

ALLANZEPEDA_2368The notable precondition for the “New California” wines are being “free.” They are characterized by the attitude of winemakers, who make wines that they personally want to drink, without being caught by tradition. The wines taste exceptionally natural, rich in acidity and have delicate fruity note; they almost have the nuance of French wines.

The leading wineries among them are “Scribe,” “Hanzell Vineyards” and “Scholium Project,” all based in Sonoma. They all have quite unique characters: “Scribe” produces well-balanced and delicate wines with the belief “wine is agriculture;” “Hanzell Wineyards” is a traditional winery founded in 1953 with established reputation for their elegant wines; “Scholium Project,” led by the revolutionary Abe Schoener, who practices experimental winemaking inspired by the famed wines around the world. Among them, “Scribe” especially is fascinating more and more wine fans for their well-balanced and sophisticated flavor.

He has the strong connection with “Chez Panisse’s” Alice Waters, who is another revolutionary leading the California cuisine world; and it is also the proof that his wines match very well with the food.

Drinking their wines, you will be surprised by how the “New California” taste. If you get a chance, we highly recommend trying them.

(Photo: “Scribe”)

(Text: Kimiko Anzai)

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(“Scribe.” “Hanzell Vineyards” and “Scholium Project”)

©Lucy Goodhart

©Allan Zepeda


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