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Entrance to the Italian wines

Feudi di San Gregorio


Many wine lovers may assume that there is an art to appreciating Italian wines, as every region has its own indigenous grape variety. Although remembering each grape names can be a challenge, once you focus on the names of representative red and white varieties per region, you may begin to approach the genre with more ease. For example, choose “Nebbiolo (red)” and “Cortese (white)” for Piedmont wines, and “Sangiovese (red)” and “Vernaccia di San Gimignano (white)” for Tuscany wines.

PierpaoloSirch_1Among the diverse Italian wines, Campania is a good place to start. Winemaking in this region goes back to the ancient times, with “Falanghina” for white and “Aglianico” for red as their staple varieties. Some even claim that Caesar once made a detour here just to taste “Falanghina” on one of his expeditions.

Our recommended ‘entry’ wine maker would be Feudi di San Gregorio – a relatively new addition from 1986, whose modern wine has elegant and familiar flavor which may even entice those who usually go for the French counterpart. Behind this style is Pierpaolo Sirch; a key figure in the country who is said have the potential to shape the trend of Italian wines through his unique grape farming and wine making. He is also an agronomist, researching with the University of Milan on the cloning of ancient grape specimens such as Aglianico. Upon his recent visit to Japan for the first time, Sirch told us:

“There is Aglianico aged 150 years in Campania, but its cloning is yet to be completed. If we successfully manage to do so, as with Bourgogne’s Pinot Noir, I think there could be unique derivatives of Aglianico to be born.”

Feudi di San Gregorio offers a wide range of lines from the same variety. It may be an interesting exercise to sample a few and compare – you will note the distinctive indigenous characteristics behind their elegant flavor. There is a lot more to the Campania wines than single winemaker, however, they will no doubt give you an enticing glimpse into what this region can offer.

(Text: Kimiko Anzai)

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